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Benjamin Helstad

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Benjamin Helstad (born 1987, Oslo, Norway) is one of Norway’s most highly regarded young actors. After his bigscreen breakthrough in King of Devil’s Island (Kongen av Bastøy) in 2010 alongside Stellan Skaarsgaard, for which he received an Amanda nomination for Best Actor, he’s appeared in a series of critically acclaimed production on both stage and screen. He graduated from the prestigious Norwegian Academy of Performing Arts in 2012, after being the first student to ever be accepted to the school twice (he dropped out to accept the role in Kongen av Bastøy). With no less than 4 film premieres in 2016, including the epic historical blockbuster The Last King (Birkebeinerne) which has already been sold to over 60 countries, Benjamin is well poised to confirm his position as his generation’s brightest talent in the years to come.